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Case Study: City Limits Basketball Club

Our Founders’ Legacy

Our founders John and Elizabeth are 76 and 74 and have really stepped up for us at C2C during Covid19. They remind us everyday that we need to add purpose to our customers' apparel.

City Limits Basketball Club 

City Limits started in Newcastle, NSW in 1978. 

The club’s dedicated (42yr’s) volunteers, wanted to provide a reminder to their members they were very much part of the club and contacted us.They asked for the club logo on one side and the club name down the sleeve, paid for out of the club’s funds. It didn't matter that the whole season was in doubt. We knew we had to do better for them.

The Importance of Mantras and Messaging to Reinforce Positive Attitudes

With City Limits the desire and opportunity to create a message or simple mantra for their members was timely and important. We used a simple but powerful variation on the club name to provide a positive message to their club community. Here’s what we came up with to help with their club's needs.

 City Limits Old vs New Logo

City Limits Basketball Logo

Here is a sample social media tile we made for their new mantra : 'Together, We are LIMITLESS' which tells a lot about how their teamwork and unity can help them get through stronger together. 

Grey Hoodie with logo in the middle


Sample online locker room to help you easily connect with your team members online:

Sample digital locker room for sports clubs

How Coast 2 Coast Can Help

We add purpose to your apparel by creating messaging or a mantra to live by and reinforce positive attitudes in this time of need.

We can quickly and easily connect your community via your own online store in the C2C Locker Room. 

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 Any questions? 

We would be happy to answer your enquiries! Email us at sales@c2csport.com or call us at 02 6581 1558.       


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