We Take the Heavy Lifting Out of Uniforms and Merchandise– Coast 2 Coast Sports Australia

Remember video stores before we had Netflix? 

At C2C, we know ordering uniforms can be painful and time consuming and we are netfixing grass roots sports uniform and merchandise supply by

  1. turning complicated design & ordering into convenient online tools

  2. providing a smarter transaction platform with infinite options to process individual orders

An Easier Way to Design, Order and Pay for Sports Wholesale Uniforms

We've got your covered whatever sport you're in! Whether you are a Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Football or Soccer club or association, C2C on-demand platform is tailored just for you and your club’s needs!

C2C’s wholesale ordering platform is Online, Collaborative and Self Editable 24x7.

  • We Preload All Your Required Logos for Use on Any Product
  • There are Mascots & Mantras
  • Your Designs are saved, shareable & retrievable
  • You Enter Your Sizes, Names & Numbers
  • Our pricing is all inclusive, clear and NO HIDDEN COSTS
  • Get Quotes & More Ways to Pay, Pay By Bank Transfer, Credit Card or After Pay                                        
Heavy Lifting on Uniforms and Merchandise

C2C Locker Room - Your Gear Steward & Uniform Shop That's Always Open

The C2C locker room turns uniform and merchandise pain points into 24x7 accessible amazing user experiences.  C2C handles the tech, creative, payment options and provides the customer service.
  •  Order cut off date
  • Smart Order Categorisation and
  • Team Collation
  • Number Allocation management
  • Name Personalisation
  • Customer Service, Warehousing & Fulfilment 
  • Delivered to who, where and how by C2C


Social Marketing Support

We keep your members informed via all social channels and do your announcements, reminders and launches for you.

Clear & Consistent Sizing and Fit

Our size standards and size chart is the best in the business. Our ClearView Fit Guide shows the tightness of fabric against the body. C2C owns and controls all it’s patterns, giving you fit consistency.

Help All the Way with Online Concierge (OC)

Online Concierge is step by step assistance to get you up and running with 24x7 online order processing. We still have the traditional 1 to 1 salesperson methods.

Like Netflix, your members will love the convenience and volunteers will thank you for the time saved with C2C. Would you like to know more? 



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