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Operating merchandise concessions for events and game days truly requires a multitude of skills. You need to be a master of warehousing and logistics, product design and production planning, visual merchandising and retail sales skills, driver and boss and the commitment and dedication to be the first there and last to leave.

Imagine 33 years of events, from single court stadiums to 16,500 seat stadiums and everything in between. At Coast 2 Coast Sport we have this experience, whether its concessions at 15 venues on a single weekend, with million dollar events in the biggest indoor stadiums in the UK, Australia and New Zealand ... this will provide our clients some exceptional value, that cant always be measured in dollars and cents.

The concessionaires job is really quite straight forward - maximise sales revenue on the available products.

The challenge is actually being able to do that!

Weather - for outdoor events, you need to be prepared for the worst weather and the highest security.

Merchandise plan - if you have the luxury to plan what would ideally sell on your concession, you would start with spend per head based on tickets sold. Some events will be sell outs, others are unknown.

Merchandise store - location or position is key. It's amazing how such incredible venues are designed without giving consideration or budget to merchandise outlets. Its not unusual that there is no merchandise location at all. Prime location, in full view and with total ease of access to patrons upon approach, entry, during performance and exit make for success. Please ask us about the breezeway in Tasmania in the middle of winter and the floods.

Logistical planning - this will ensure you dont leave anything to chance. Busy venues cant always help as they are just busy and may charge to do so. 

Equipment - the biggest shows in the world have fleets of semi trailers and hundreds of custom built flight cases that last for years. Roll in and roll out will save you time and stress. Buy the best gear you can afford and avoid the plastic trestle tables that collapse with weight. 

Have backups where it matters - take your own wifi, have spare point of sale, extra eftpos and more floats than you need. 

Visual Merchandising - If you cant see it, the customers wont buy it. Your merch display matters and use a professional merchandiser, it's an art form. This applies to signage and pricing.

Do the hours - You will most certainly be first to arrive and last to leave for a big show and the last sale may pay your staff wages for the day.

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