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Netball Dresses

With 3 lengths of Ladies Netball Dresses, we have you covered.


- High Performance (HP) Fit, great for athletic and fit body types

- Stretch spandex quick dry fabric

- Comes in 3 lengths: Standard, Tall and Extra Tall (Avatars shown below are Average Height 168cm and Tall Height 178cm)

- Available in Ladies sizes 8-24

- Scalloped tail for extra modesty and style

High Performance (HP) Fit Netball Dress Size Guide

How To Measure Rev

Your Body Measurements

Please note that the size charts provided below pertain to your body measurements.

Ladies Soccer Size Chart Updated
Overview of HP Fit Netball Dress

C2C 3D Clearview Guide

Note: Below avatars are Womens size 12

Size Specification Guarantee

Where you see the "NEW FIT" Seal, we guarantee to replace your garment, if it doesn't match within 1cm of the half garment specifications. 

User comfort and optimum performance, straight out of the box, is our duty.

C2C HP Fit Netball Dresses


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