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Essential Guide: Design Your Own Custom Basketball Jerseys

  • by Jane Victoria
Essential Guide: Design Your Own Custom Basketball Jerseys

What made the Lakers "Showtime gold" jersey the most popular in NBA history? 

It was flashy, bold, and unique. It made the Lakers memorable and instantly recognizable. Fans could wear it and show their pride without saying a word.

Whether you're looking for jerseys for your basketball team, or you're a basketball enthusiast, custom basketball jerseys are a must-have. 

Keep reading for the benefits of custom basketball jerseys, plus a step-by-step guide for designing yours today. 

Why Design Custom Basketball Jerseys?

You may be asking yourself if custom jerseys are really worth it. Here are the three top reasons to skip the generic jersey and design one yourself. 


When you design custom team jerseys, you are able to totally personalise every aspect. You can choose the main color of the fabric as well as the colors of the trim and letters. At Coast 2 Coast Sports you can even select the font type and size.

Customising your name jerseys means you get to decide where every word, number, and symbol appears. You have complete control over the layout of both the front and back.

At Coast 2 Coast, you can even upload your own original artwork to appear on the jersey. 


Your name jersey is the primary part of your basketball team uniform. It's where all the information about the player is displayed. When watching a fast-paced game, fans look primarily at the jersey rather than the faces of the players.

Therefore, having a bold, unique design for your jersey is a must.

With custom basketball jerseys your team will receive instant recognition both on and off the court. Fans and basketball enthusiasts will love to wear your colors and style.

Having customised basketball jerseys also creates a polished appearance. Refs and other teams are more likely to take you seriously. Whether you are on the court or on the road to games and championships, looking legitimate will help your players' confidence.

Team Spirit

Michael Jordan once said: "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." One of the best ways to facilitate teamwork is to build team spirit. 

Team spirit is a combination of morale and camaraderie amongst your players. It makes them feel like they belong to something worthwhile. And nothing helps build this sense of belonging better than having customised jerseys. 

When your players are able to design every element of their team jersey, they'll feel proud of their design and proud of their team. Having a custom jersey makes the whole group feel legitimate. 

This team pride may even help them to perform better on the court. As a unified team, your players will trust each other more, work together fluidly, and follow directions quicker.

How Does it Work?

Designing your own custom basketball jersey with Coast 2 Coast couldn't be easier. Follow this step-by-step guide to get started.

1. Select a Design

First, browse our fantastic collection of custom basketball uniforms. We have over 40 different matching jersey-and-shorts combos to choose from. Select your favorite design, and enter the number of each size you need.

Check out our 3D Clearview fit size guide if you need help with sizing.

We have a very low minimum order. You can buy as few as five custom jerseys at a time!

However, we also offer great percentage discounts. These discounts increase with the more custom jerseys you add to your cart. So the more you buy, the more you save!

2. Click 'Customise It'

Click on the button that says "Customise It." Now you will have the opportunity to personalise every detail of your jerseys. 

3. Team Name

Click on the team name and enter yours in the text box to the left. Feel free to explore fonts and sizes.

You'll also find dropdown menus where you can adjust the style and shape of the name, or add shadows and outlines. Click and drag each design element to play with the layout on the jersey.

4. Colours

On the right, you can click on the "Edit Colors" button. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on the squares of color next to each design element to change them. 

Since we use sublimation on 100% polyester for our prints, your colors will resist fading or running! 

5. Names and Numbers

Next to the colors button, you'll find a button labeled "Player Names or #'s". Click on this, and a list will appear to the left where you can enter every player's name and number. Make sure the name matches the size that that player needs.

6. Add Graphics

Click on the Graphics icon on the left to browse our list of popular symbols. Or, click on Uploads to add your own images and artwork. Images should ideally be in transparent PNG format.

However, we are flexible and can work with other formats of images. Feel free to check out our FAQs for more information.

7. Have Fun

There are many additional aspects that you can play with. Click around and explore Coast 2 Coast Sports' full range of customisation options. You can even add a note to our designers if you wish.

Then, "add to cart," and enjoy your high-quality sublimated jerseys!

Design Your Jerseys Today

Custom basketball jerseys are an essential part of your team uniform. They foster team spirit and recognition both on and off the court. 

Coast 2 Coast Sports provides only the best quality jerseys for teams and basketball enthusiasts. Our customisation process is fun, interactive, and fully personalisable. 

Start designing your custom basketball jerseys today, or contact us for more information!

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