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Safe Community Sanitiser Partnership: An Essential Tool In The Fight Against Covid19 Spread

  • by Benjamin Davidson
Safe Community Sanitiser Partnership: An Essential Tool In The Fight Against Covid19 Spread

Back to Sport and safe community Covid19 guidelines are very clear on sanitiser use as an important tool to stop Covid19 spread.  What is not clear is which product and supplier can be trusted, and has a truly compliant product that is effective in killing the Covid19 virus. The projected volume set to be used will be ongoing and immense.

C2C Safety in partnership with Water Test Systems and Hand Sanitiser Australia Project provide trusted, TGA approved formulation and reliable Australian supply in uncertain times. Please beware of inferior alternatives with less than 80% ethanol, fakes and dubiously approved overseas imports. Lives depend on it. 

What is a Safe Community Sanitiser Partnership?

Sanitiser Partnerships are a new but essential safety initiative that will ensure:

  1. Access to bulk medical grade TGA approved formula sanitiser
  2. 100% Australian made product and jobs guarantee
  3. Fair price
  4. Long term onshore supply guarantee
  5. WorkSafe approved delivery using dangerous goods approved carriers

How Did Water Test Systems Start Making Sanitiser for Communities?

The Water Test Systems and Hand Sanitiser Australia Project is a story of individuals and organisations who placed frontline medical community safety above profit. They demonstrated business agility, innovation and a dedication to make products that were needed by front line medical to stay open and save lives. Part of all profits goes back to communities as a true safety stewardship.

They convinced big business including Australia’s largest ethanol producer when the government was commandeering critically short supplies of ethanol and there was no PPE in Australia. 

Water Test Systems transformed their business to manufacture 100% Australian made TGA, WHO and US FDA approved formulation sanitiser to support the pandemic. This was when no sanitiser was available from industry or government.

Enjoy great prices for bulk orders!

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FREE collection in Port Macquarie, Sydney and Melbourne

Sanitisers available in Gel or Liquid.

GST included on the amount reflected online. Excluded Freight charged at cost. 

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