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How Players Can Have a Better Mindset in 2021

  • by Jane Victoria
How Players Can Have a Better Mindset in 2021

As a sportswear supplier in Australia, we always root for community sports as the backbone of our business. During our starting years at the business, we had a chance to get to know grassroots clubs on a deeper level because they were part of the very first customers we had back then! Over the years we remain committed to staying connected with them the best way we can.

On this week’s blog, we'd love to share some useful tips on how clubs can encourage their players to be more positive and productive this year and put the lessons they learned from the challenges last year into better perspective.

Here we go!

Keep Lessons from the Past

Reflect on the past year and determine how far you have come in terms of your past goals. What worked and did not? What are the challenges that you faced and how will you overcome them in the future? 

The pandemic has brought us so much uncertainty but it also left us some lessons that proved everyone’s resiliency and teamwork – creative alternatives to work out or train at home, getting back on the court with the 'new norm' and staying connected with your team through digital space are just a few of them.
As experts say, even if the pandemic is fully gone, the lessons it taught us are here to stay as they’ve already been incorporated into our daily lives.

Aim Higher But Keep Your Goals Realistic
Challenge yourself to step up on your game but always keep your goals realistic. One of the common pitfalls in goal setting is planning unrealistic goals that make you lose sense of  purpose along the way.
The key is to start simple and breakdown your plans into smaller yet manageable goals. That way, you can easily recognise your accomplishments and keep moving forward with greater goals.

Motivate Yourself and Others As Well

When you feel a bit distracted or overwhelmed, always ask yourself ‘what are your priorities and why are they important to you’. 

As an athlete, keeping yourself focused and motivated all the time is really hard especially if there are lots of things going around that tend to distract you from your priorities. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, give yourself some slack just to process things on your own.
Great teamwork also brings motivation amongst each member. If one is not doing well, instead of putting the person down, let her feel your support and talk things through on how you can help her get back on track.

Focus on Holistic Care
The pandemic has triggered an array of emotions for most of us and some are still in the process of getting back to their feet. That is absolutely fine! We all have different ways of coping with a certain situation.

Rather than just focusing on physical health this year, encourage programs or activities for your players that also help support their emotional and mental well-being. Stay connected with one another even if you are off-the-court as this also fosters a strong bond for your team. There are various digital platforms that can you try like Zoom and Google Meet that are great tools for group training sessions online. 

Plan Ahead and Prepare
Last but not the least, plan ahead. Whether you are starting a new year or a new season, planning is equally important to gain better results.

If you’re part of the committee, staying on top of everything is a hard thing to do and this is the essence of proper planning. The earlier things are done, the more time you have to accomplish more on your list.

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Get Better Everyday
Your ultimate goal is always to get better everyday. If you keep telling yourself this, it will put you on the right frame of mind and you’re all set for 2021!

Do you have your 2021 goals ready? We’d love to hear them in the comments box!

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