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Checklist for First-Time Team Uniform Buyers: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Team

  • by Jane Victoria
Checklist for First-Time Team Uniform Buyers: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Team

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We’re just a few months away before the 2021 season kicks off! This year is an exciting time because after a long break due to the pandemic last year, you can finally get back on the court with your squad. 

By now you have already a complete lineup of your team and pre-season training is in full swing! Whilst everything is almost planned, you might have missed one important thing – your team uniform.

The right team uniform can make a huge impact on your team morale and perfectly shows a professional look for your players- even for starters and little leaguers.  So it is important to know the steps before you order your uniform if you want to avoid unfavourable outcomes.

Here’s a checklist to help you get it started.

How much are you willing to spend?

Budget is important especially after a challenging year we’ve all been through. You should look ahead of your team expenditures for the year and the fundings you received from your sponsor to be able to allocate your team uniform budget precisely.

If your team is tight on budget, you need to find options on how to find cheap customisable basketball uniforms that are affordable yet able to meet your team requirements. As a rule of thumb, the more generous and extravagant your design is, the higher the price it gets because of the extra time and effort your supplier needs to get it done for you.

What are the levels and ages of your team players?

Being able to determine this ahead of time can help you avoid these most common issues for first-time uniform buyers

  • Wrong size kits
  • Uncomfortable cut for their age and body type

For instance, if your playing group is composed of youth basketball teams, they tend to prefer tops that are easy to put on and take off whilst older players can handle professional-grade uniforms that require cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. When it comes to body type, men’s shorts have looser bottoms compared to women that need tops that have a better fit and support on their body. Why are we telling you this? Because these are important factors that can affect your players’ performance whilst on the court. 

Do you have a rule for team uniforms?

Team uniform regulations may vary from league to league so make sure that you know these rules that govern your team before contacting a supplier.

Some schools and universities also have colour requirements for their team uniforms so make sure this is properly communicated before you order customisable basketball kits because they should represent your league or club cohesively at the same time.

What look and style does your team want?

This should go hand-in-hand with questions 2 and 3 above.

Now that you were able to determine the level and age of your team as well as the team uniform regulations, it is easier to decide on the design for your team.

What does your team stand for? What are the brand colours and elements that will best represent your team? These are just a few of the questions that you need to discuss with your team before deciding.

When do you need it?

This is one of the most commonly overlooked questions but this does matter especially on part of the supplier. If you want customised uniforms for your team, delivery time is essential as this requires extra time to get done based on your requirements. You wouldn’t want your uniforms to be delivered the next game day right?

Always remember - the earlier you get things organised, the better for you. This will help you avoid last-minute surprises like incorrect sizing, items getting out of stock or freight issues that fall out of the hand of the supplier.

Our Solution

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We have collaborative order templates with size and quantity laid out to make this job quick and easy for you. Here's a 1-minute explainer video to help you.

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