Bring your Best Game to the Field with C2C Latest Football / Soccer Un– Coast 2 Coast Sports Australia

Bring your Best Game to the Field with C2C Latest Football / Soccer Uniform Designs!

  • by Jane Victoria
Bring your Best Game to the Field with C2C Latest Football / Soccer Uniform Designs!

Make a great comeback this season with C2C’s 2021 Football / Soccer Uniform Designs Collection! It's everything you need to make your club look sharp and ready to take the lead on the field!

Here are some of the top picks customisable football / soccer uniform designs that we think you’ll also love too!

But before that, here are some helpful tips when choosing the best design for your team. 

      • Less is more. All team members will surely have an input on the design they want but always put into priority what really resonates with your team. Timeless sports wear designs have simplicity and achieve boldness with maximum contrast in 2 or 3 colours.
      • Conceptualise. Our Design Your Own team uniform platform will save you a great amount of time with hundreds of editable designs that are easily customised, social share ready and saved under an account, so your team can get into uniform faster.
      • Get your records ready. Like we always say, we want to help you finish your design faster and make your season easier. Once you've decided to place your order, be sure to get your player information ready ( sizes, player names and numbers) for fast checkout on our DYO platform. This can help you reduce errors and process your order easier without having to wait for any pending information from you.
      • Are you ordering for 1yr or 5yrs? Longevity of your uniform will determine if you order extra for next year or for 5 years later. Ordering spares makes sense when there are big discounts for quantity, minimum order quantities for remakes and the fact that custom ordering takes time. Players also leave, retire and join the opposition, and our uniforms are so good, people always want to keep them.
      Blog Soccer Tips Icons

      We’ve shared more tips on this previous blog about essential steps to take before ordering your custom football / soccer uniform.

      Classic White Designs

      White goes with everything! If you want a simple and minimalist design, these are go-to designs for you! With subtle accent colours to put more emphasis in your design, these will definitely give you a winning look this season!

      If you want to step it up a notch, you can always start using our DYO platform! You can choose from our wide range of colours available and customise for your team by adding your team logo, player name and numbers and more!

      White Soccer/Football Jersey

       Customise Mexico Soccer Jersey (Left) here

       Customise Chevron Soccer Jersey (Right) here

      White Soccer/Football Jersey Uniform

      Play Like Champs

      The blue colour stands for calmness and power - just like how a professional player hits on the field! If you want a colour that is always on trend and will make you look like a pro player, we have the perfect designs for your team!

      With plenty of templates available, you can now make your own football / soccer kits in no time!

      Blue Soccer/Football Jersey

      Wear Red and Win Gold!

      According to a 2005 study conducted by sports psychologists Russell Hill and Robert Barton, the colour red shows higher aggression and dominance to female and male athletes who were part of their research compared to other colours they assigned to the rest of the participants.

      Play your best in the field and show off your competitive nature with our range of red colour scheme soccer uniforms available online! We also have red and blue colour soccer kits that let you have the best of both worlds!

      Red Soccer/Football Jersey


      We’re #unstoppable and we got more designs coming out soon! Stay tuned for more details!

      In every design that we release, we make sure that quality is never compromised. To give you an idea of what type of fabric we use on our sportswear garments, feel free to check out this Customer Guide for Sportswear Fabric or FAQ page to get more details.

      Do you need help? Here is a step by step guide on how to design your sports uniform online

      If you still have any questions regarding our DYO platform, do not hesitate to leave a message below and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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