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Tips to Choose Summer Ready Sports Apparel for Kids and Adults

  • by Jane Victoria
Tips to Choose Summer Ready Sports Apparel for Kids and Adults

Summer is here, and that means it's time to get back in the swing of things.

As everyone does, we live for the summer. This is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors or play your favourite sport and join summer sports camps just like the old days.

The right summer sports outfit is essential to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable while you enjoy the outdoors. Summer sports have one thing in common  you'll be active and get hot. Take a look at some of the summer outfits that will make you feel comfortable with what you wear while keeping it stylish.


This sport is an iconic Australian summer social sport for kids and even kids at heart.

Whether you are heading down to the local nets for a casual hit with your friends or joining some serious cricket summer camps or programs, choosing the right summer athletic wear can give you the advantage. C2C custom Cricket Polo is made with breathable and lightweight fabric that is just perfect for keeping you cool on the field. Comes with different designs to choose from to match your style and vibe. Mix and match your style with these Custom Track Pants that give you the extra coverage you need. These versatile garments provide comfort and flexibility to do a range of motion as you play in the field. Made with breathable 280gsm 4-way stretch fabric with moisture-wicking properties.

Sun protection is important from head to toe. Match your outfit with a reliable headwear like sports cap that can protect your eyes and face against direct exposure, while still allowing enough ventilation for active play on the field or court.


Soccer is another famous summer sport especially for young ones as it is easy to get started. If your kid is just a starter, there are many soccer summer camps where you can sign him up where he can learn basic rules and skills set for the game. When choosing your summer athletic outfits for soccer, you'll want to pick out options that are breathable, flexible, and easy to wear. Keeping it cool and comfortable while you play is important - you may want to grab one of these C2C best-sellers Express Cotton Tees. Made with 100% cotton fabric, soft to touch and comfortable to wear all day long . Add your name, team logo and other details and you’re good to go.

As a goalkeeper, you play a pivotal role in the game to prevent the opponent from scoring a goal. Do not let the heat of the sun become a barrier in staying focussed on the game. Choose a Long Sleeve Goalkeeper Jersey that can offer an extra layer of protection for your skin. C2C Goalkeeper Jerseys offer Quick Dry technology for moisture management and enhanced comfort.


Who doesn't love basketball? Whether you are playing on a team, taking your kid into a summer basketball camp adventure or just shooting hoops with friends, basketball is a summer thing in almost all parts of the world.

When it comes to playing basketball, you need a reliable quality and good fit to perform with confidence. During practice games or before game day, you can go with Warmup Long Sleeve tops for kids and adults. Made with moisture wicking fabric that keeps you dry when you sweat excessively especially during warm and humid summer months. 

Wear shorts that aren’t too tight as it can cause irritation and player discomfort. C2C Stock Grind Basketball shorts come in various lengths to remove all barriers to players' participation. The mid thigh length is the perfect in betweener, not too long & not too short for your comfort and style. While the above knee length is for athletes who want to solve the roll and focus on the game. 


Netball is the most popular women’s team participation sport in Australia. 

Aside from wearing a comfortable netball kit, picking the right summer sport accessories like a netball visor can save you from the harmful rays of the sun. Bring your towel to keep you dry and cool as you play. C2C towels are customisable, you can add your name and team logo on it to avoid missing it everywhere.

Wearing heavy summer sportswear for ladies during the hot days is the least thing that you want to do. With C2C Flex Tights Mid Length, you can just move comfortably with its perfect length without worrying about your undergarment. Made with soft and smooth moisture wicking fabric with 35+ UV protection.

As C2C believes that netball is for everyone. We also offer a more inclusive netball range for various body types and preferences. C2C Netball Singlets and Shorts are an alternative set of apparel that you can wear during competition or training.  Made with lightweight fabric that promotes better airflow to ensure your sweat dries quickly.

Aside from choosing the right outfit, make sure to drink lots of water before and during games so that you don't get dehydrated. If you're feeling dehydrated, it can make it hard to concentrate on what's happening around you or in front of you on the field or court (and this can affect how well players perform).

Don't forget about sunscreen! You might think that sunscreen isn't as important for warming-up before playing a game or practice than it is for just walking around town, but believe us—it is! 

With the latest sportswear fashion trends changing every season, it is hard to keep up with all of them. However, these are some staple summer outfits that C2C recommends that are both stylish and functional during the hot days.

If you're looking for more sportswear apparel for your club or team, check out the 300+ ready to go designs on our website.

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