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Application for CADBURY Get in the Game Grants for Female Sports Is Now Open!

  • by Jane Victoria
Application for CADBURY Get in the Game Grants for Female Sports Is Now Open!

The CADBURY Get in the Game Grants program officially launched with applications opening on 11th October 2021 – The International Day of the Girl.

CADBURY Get in the Game Grants for women’s sports teams will provide girls and women sports uniforms to organisations around Australia. Grants are up to $5,000 for each club or association. Any registered sports club or association across Australia playing in any official sporting competition can apply. 

This women sports grants program aims to assist sporting clubs or associations across Australia and help break down one of the major barriers that often prevent female participation, the design and cost of uniforms. Their main goal is to make participating in sport more inviting and accessible and in turn assist more girls and women to participate in female teams in sporting organisations across Australia.

>>Click here on how to apply<<

Victoria University Study: Is it time to change sports uniforms?

Get in the Game program’s objectives are supported by Victoria University’s Professor Clare Hanlon recent research findings that identified inappropriate sports uniforms for girls as a major barrier to girls participating in community sport with focus on these key findings:

  • 90% prefer to wear shorts during school sport, 94% prefer to wear shorts during sport outside school
  • 94% prefer to wear T-shirts during school sport, 86% prefer to wear t-shirts during sport outside school
  • 61% prefer not to wear skirts during school sport, 57% prefer not to wear skirts during sport outside school.

(Images and Original Story via Women Sport Australia)

ClearView Size & Fit Guide Makes Comfort Selection Clear

C2C lives and breathes sport. We would like to assist more girls and women to actively participate in sport and give them the equal opportunity to show their skills and talent in their chosen sport.

Inappropriate sports uniforms do not only impact the players’ performance on the court but also makes them less confident about themselves. The new C2C sizing guide is the clearest sports clothing size chart for players to choose your fit and function. 

No more guesswork. C2C can bring your ideal uniform fit and design to life faster and more accurately then ever before.

Here is a closer look at our new 3D Clearview Fit Size Guide for Women.

High Performance (HP) Fit- Ladies' Shorts

Clearview Pressure Map vs Plain View
Mid Thigh Length and Above Knee Length


Core Fit- Ladies' Shorts

Clearview Pressure Map vs Plain View
Mid Thigh Length and Above Knee Length

C2C Has Clear Answers to Your Size, Fit & Comfort Issues

The Victoria University findings clearly show that comfort and function was preferred over style. Specific female cut that fitted correctly and matched their body shape was overwhelmingly preferred over unisex cuts.

We have 4 main levels of Garment Compression or Tightness:

  1. Comfort Fit - No Cling Comfort and Ease Of Movement
  2. Core Fit - standard fit with total range of motion
  3. High Performance (HP) Fit - fitted athletic cut, no excess fabric and total mobility
  4. Compression Fit - tight like a second skin

Coast 2 Coast Sports Clearview Size Fit Guide Technology

Fabrics For Ease Of Movement & No Cling Comfort

Our 30yr female pattern makers and designers construct garments with form and function that focuses on your comfort and style. We use fabrics with mechanical stretch and elastane, which are less restrictive and move with your body without clinging uncomfortably to your shape.

The drape or fall / hang and weight or density characteristics of our fabrics are chosen with the perfect balance of modesty and performance.

What’s behind every digitally remastered "NEW FIT" seal?

  1. 30 Year Master Pattern Maker - Expert craftspeople have used their vast experience to create your garment fit, form and function.
  2. Industry Data and Standards Analysed - 30,000 Australian full body scans have been used to decide every measurement in our 3D body shape models.
  3. Sampled & Fitted - We make virtual and physical samples and have tried on every garment to see the comfort and performance for ourselves.
  4.  We Own Our Patterns - Regardless of our supplier, we use our own patterns, so our size standard is maintained and our fit is consistent

Size Specification Guarantee

When you see the "NEW FIT" Seal, we guarantee to replace your garment, if it doesn't match within 1cm of the half garment specifications. User comfort and optimum performance, straight out of the box, is our duty. 

Schedule a Live Demo

Get an exclusive insight on how C2C Clearview Guide technology works. Schedule a live demo here. The C2C team can give you a walkthrough on how we can help your club or association achieve both comfort and function on your team uniforms.                                                                                                                                                                     




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