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7 Tips to Beat Australia's Winter Blues and Stay in Top Shape

  • by Jane Victoria
7 Tips to Beat Australia's Winter Blues and Stay in Top Shape

It’s the time of the year again when the temperature is dropping and you feel like you just want to snuggle up on the couch all day long but don’t worry you’re not alone and it’s perfectly normal to feel that way!

Staying active and in a healthy state both physically and mentally can be a bit challenging during winter but these handy tips can help you pull off the season with ease.

Set Your Goals

This is where all the work begins. The cold winter days can make you feel like just staying indoor until the sun comes out again. But think of it the other way around. Winter is the perfect time to get fit for summer while you still have plenty of time to do it. So get your best winter sportswear ready for the challenge.

Stay Fit and Active

Not a fan of running or walking? It’s high time to trade the bed with miles ahead!

Winter is the perfect time to get going. You can burn those calories while also keeping yourself warm and cosy just by simply going for a brisk walk outdoors. You can do it solo or tag your friends along! Studies also show that running or walking does not only help get fit but can also boost your immune system to fight off winter colds and flu. So what are you waiting for? Give it a go.

What C2C recommends: Looking for the right winter sportswear for running? A nice pair of track pants and a moisture-wicking hoodie is a good combination to help keep your temperature regulated. C2C’s latest Stock Glide Zip Hoodies are made with 4-way stretch fabric with moisture-wicking properties to keep your core warm. It also features a hidden thumb loop hole to keep your sleeves in place especially if you’re wearing a base layer and don’t want your sleeves to keep bunching up.

C2C Stock Glide Tech Zip Hoodies. With side pockets and hidden thumb loop. Price starts at $99. Extra cost applies on decoration.


Make yourself busy even when indoor

Although for some, winter means staying indoors with endless cups of hot drinks, yours is a different story to tell. Do not make it an excuse to stay in your bed or feel comfortable on your couch all day but instead, do some activities that will keep you moving around.

The cold season is not another excuse to skip your workout. You can always improvise using what’s already available at home. If you’ve got stairs, you can get a cardio workout just by walking up and down them a few times daily. Use a folding chair as a bench for your tricep dips and a lot more things you can do! You always don’t need expensive equipment to throw in extra challenges to your workout just look around.

What C2C recommends: Getting the perfect cold weather sportswear is not just about what is trendy but should be functional and comfortable to wear. C2C Warm Up Long Sleeve Shirts can provide you protection from moderately chilly days or wear it as a base layer during colder temperatures.


Dress for Success

The best way to beat the chilliest days is to choose the right sportswear for cold weather. Your choice of outfit depends on your daily routine. If you are an office person, layering your clothes is not a big deal - you can add multiple layers of clothing as long as you are comfortable with it. Not in the case if you are active in sports, avoid wearing too bulky clothing that will pull you down, especially when you are about to hit the court or having a busy day at the gym.

Ideally for sports enthusiasts, choosing the right winter sports wear is the key to making yourself warm and comfortable without taking a toll on your performance.

Here are the top five sportswear essentials that C2C recommends during winter:

  • Track Pants and Jackets- lightweight but warm on the skin which make them great sports wear for winter. These are also form fitting that make them ideal for any physical activity.
  • Fleece Jackets- Fleece is pretty much synonymous with the cold season. Stay warm whether you are indoor or outdoor with C2C Fleece Jacket and Pants
  • Best Seller Pocket Hoodies- one of our best sellers, C2C Warrior Hoodies are soft and lightweight. With a kangaroo pocket and high collar to give you extra protection around your head. Did we also mention that they are off-the-shelf and can be delivered to you in as fast as 14days!
  • Head accessories- A perfect winter outfit won’t be complete without customisable winter accessories like beanies and scarves to keep you toasty from head to toe.
  • Socks- Cushioned and sweat-wicking socks like C2C best quality socks  will keep your feet dry and insulated whether you are at home, working out or playing your favourite sport. In stock and 24hour dispatch.

If you are looking for more ready-to-go sportswear winter jackets or hoodies, check out our full winter collection here.

Repeat Until You Make it

Getting the results is not an overnight success kind of thing.

You need to work hard for it and put in your 100% effort and dedication to make it happen.

Even if the winter is over, you can continue what you’ve started until you earn the results that you wanted and go on repeat. Afterall, a healthy lifestyle is always a work in progress.

Stay Warm and Check on Others

Did you know? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition associated with winter, and can be offset by keeping yourself active and keeping your communication open with others.

The cold season may bring a mix of emotions for other people and connecting with your community through social sports and other winter activities is a good start. As studies show, socialising is good for your mental health and significantly helps ward off winter blues. Just make sure that you follow COVID safety protocols that are in place just to also protect yourself and others.

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy for a sound mind and body. 

While it may be tempting to eat more food in winter, it is better to eat a well-balanced diet to avoid dealing with the consequences later. There is a bunch of winter comfort food that you can try out there. From sumptuous casseroles to comforting soups and roasts and other winter classics, the list goes on!

What are your go-to winter essentials? How do you stay warm while you’re enjoying your time outdoors? Share with us in the comments box below!

Do you suggest any topics next time? Happy to hear them as well!

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