C2C Sports Named Winner at the 2024 Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards– Coast 2 Coast Sports Australia

C2C Sports Named Winner at the 2024 Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards

  • by Jane Victoria
C2C Sports Named Winner at the 2024 Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards


To the C2C team, our valued partners, customers and supporters:
This is for you! You make this possible, everyday!
 Thanks to everyone who has supported us in their own way. C2C will continue to strive harder to bring strong connection to the sports community.
We also extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the award entrants, finalists, and winners this year. It was an incredible time to remember the Shining Stars of the region!

Originally Published via Focus Port Macquarie Magazine | June 2024 edition
  • Congratulations to you Ben and your team on not only winning one but two awards at this year's Business Awards. Tell us the two awards you won and what it means too you to be recognised in these categories.

C2C Sport feels humbled by our customers voting for us and satisfied that the judges agree, C2C Sport really does take the heavy lifting out of uniforms and merchandise for sports clubs, schools and associations.

The first award was the Innovation category for our Clear View Size and Fit Guide technology. The guide uses accurate body size 3D avatars and actual garment patterns to drape transparent fabrics. We then apply a heat map to show the tightness of fit, length and other details to make it easier to view and choose the correct apparel sizes.  

The second award is for Retail of 6+ employees. Our Locker Room service enables volunteer organisations to provide their members with a more convenient merchandise and uniform ordering process.

It's the combination of managed e-commerce, 18hr a day customer service, 24x7 click-and-collect convenience, all courier options and a physical store in PMQ.

  • How important has your team been in achieving these awards?

Our team is all important. They genuinely care about reducing waste and adding value at every process to our customers, suppliers and internally.

  • What do you believe are the key factors that contributed to your business winning your 2 awards?

Believing in our staff and investing in solutions that reduce waste and add value for our community and customers.

Digitising our business so we are agile and able to scale and sell globally.

  • In today's market, how important is it to support local businesses such as C2C Sport and in return how important is customer feedback and satisfaction?

Local support is critical to be able to employ locally and invest locally for greater community benefit.

We learn from our mistakes and use the feedback as learning opportunities.  

  • How do you envision your business evolving over the next five years?

We accept that change is inevitable and therefore agility and the ability to change are necessary.

Technology change and globalisation will increase, so we are preparing for it.


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