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Netball Dresses

High Performance (HP) Fit Netball Dress Size Guide

C2C is digitally remastering our garments with a 100% commitment to your fit satisfaction, size consistency and size selection ease. C2C ClearView is the easiest way to see the distance between fabric and body on a true shape 3D Avatar. 

Layered semi transparent fabric and coloured pressure maps answer almost all questions about fabric in 3D view, and show how our fabric fits against the body with purpose of use defined.

Fit Types

Coast 2 Coast Sports Fit Guide

We have 4 main levels of Garment Compression or Tightness:

Comfort Fit- extra room for your comfort and breathability

Core Fit - standard fit with total range of motion

High Performance (HP) Fit - fitted athletic cut, no excess fabric and total mobility

Tight Fit- tight like a second skin

Fit Size Guide Chart Ladies

HP Fit Netball

(size 12 shown)

Plain View

ClearView Pressure Map

HP Fit Standard Length

(size 12, 168cm shown)

Standard Netball Dress PlainView

Plain View

ClearView Pressure Map

HP Fit Tall Length

(size 12, 178cm shown)

Plain View Mid Thigh Length

Clearview Pressure Map

HP Fit Extra Tall Length

(size 12, 178cm shown)

Size Specification Guarantee

Where you see the "NEW FIT" Seal, we guarantee to replace your garment, if it doesn't match within 1cm of the half garment specifications. 

User comfort and optimum performance, straight out of the box, is our duty.


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