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Play Safe to Stay Safe During the Pandemic

  • by Jane Victoria
Play Safe to Stay Safe During the Pandemic

After several months of sports shutdown and other activities, now we’re finally seeing a ray of sunshine that some players are getting back on the pitch again!

As your club gets ready to recommence training and competitions, Coast 2 Coast Sports would like to remind everyone to #PlaySafe at all times to minimise the risk and protect not only yourself but more so, your team members and loved ones at home.

Though you already have read some of the below before, a little reminder won’t hurt, right? If you’re a parent, giving a constant reminder to your kids whilst playing their fave sport goes a long way too.

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 Pre Training/Game/Competition

  • If you’re feeling unwell or sick, STAY AT HOME 
  • Bring Your Own equipment like gloves, bat, netball bib and even drinking bottle 
  • Bring a mask and hand sanitiser 
  • No spectators unless required or limit to 1 parent or carer only if the child still needs adult supervision
  • Avoid carpools or bus travel with people from different household groups
  • Activities that require an overnight stay are not allowed ( e.g multi-training camps)
  • Say no to face-to-face activities related to community sport (e.g post-training group dinners and other social gatherings)

Whilst on the court

  • In between training, observe 1.5m distance 
  • No shaking of hands, high fives, fist bumps or hugs
  • Focus on non-contact drills like dribbling and strength training
  • Minimise co-mingling with players during a break

 Post Training/Game/Competition

  • Always observe the ‘Get in, Train, and Get Out’ policy
  • Eat at home, take a shower and do your recovery or stretching at home
  • Clean your personal equipment right after use 
  • Avoid using communal facilities if possible ( e.g shower rooms, changing rooms)
  • Wash your hands before and after training. If soap and water are not available, use at least 70% alcohol to sanitise
  • Leave immediately after the game or training to limit contact

Print this Infographic

We put together all these handy reminders so you can print and put it in your training area, locker room, or anywhere to keep you reminded. 

Just download, print and you’re ready to go!

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Connect Your Tribe

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Staying connected with your community is really important during these challenging times. 

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Other helpful resources:

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